Eco-friendliness and sustainability

As a furniture manufacturer, we are pioneering when it comes to eco-friendliness and sustainability. We already became committed to this issue over thirty years ago. In 2009, we were one of the first upholstered furniture manufacturers in Germany to be awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-label. We are certified eco-friendly and carbon neutral. We go voluntarily beyond the legal requirements.


With our durable, sustainable furniture made from eco-friendly materials, we are making a contribution to the conservation of our planet’s finite resources. Removable covers, timeless design and a high, flexible practical value contribute to increasing the long life-cycle of our furniture even further. We intend to make furniture “lighter” in terms of its ecological footprint and want to make sure that it “can be used for longer” (Wuppertal Institute).



When sourcing wood from certified sustainably managed forests, we cooperate with regional partners. All of the fabrics we use are eco-friendly and either comply with the Oeko-Tex® standard or bear the EU-Flower eco-certificate. Our high-quality leather hides, including the particularly sustainable Oliva leather, which has been tanned using purely plant based agents, are sourced exclusively from certified tanneries in Europe. Leather is a natural product with an inimitable pleasant feel and an individual character. High-quality, open-pored leather impresses with breathability and a lively looking surface texture. A piece of seating furniture covered in our leather is a timeless decorative piece that retains its value for far longer than one generation. brühl has been handcrafting leather with exceptional expertise for over 50 years.



brühl was one of the first furniture manufacturers in Germany to firmly embed eco-friendliness, resource saving processes and environmental protection in its corporate policy. Roland Meyer-Brühl took the first steps towards this in the late 1980s. In cooperation with the Product-Life Institute in Geneva and its co-founder and member Walter R. Stahel – also member of the Club of Rome and an internationally valued expert for sustainable business practices – he developed core aims such as: Extending the time the furniture could be used, reducing the amount of material offcuts and the material consumption, creating regional jobs, using resources more efficiently. These aims are now part of brühl’s brand core and corporate culture. At our manufacturing site, all processes are sustainable down to the smallest production steps. Our production and office building was built under consideration of building biology aspects and designed to be exemplary eco-friendly.


We train our own staff, offer our qualified workers long-term, secure jobs complemented by optimum workplace health promotion and optimum working conditions. We offer them healthy jobs. When we are subject to occupational health and safety checks or audits, our company always achieves top scores. We voluntarily go beyond the legal minimum health requirements. The level of harmful substances emitted by the adhesives we use, for example, is so minimal that it is almost below the detectable values. We also ensure that the air is exchanged regularly and that our working environment is healthy.