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Iconic Awards 2022

for easy pieces cover and magnolia

Kati Meyer-Brühl has won an Iconic Award 2022 in the “Winner” category for two of her most recent designs, “magnolia” and “easy pieces cover”. The prize-winning models once again document the wide spectrum of Kati Meyer-Brühl’s design repertoire, because whereas “easy pieces cover” is a design whose charm actually lies in the unusual simplicity and linear clarity of the sofas and open-ends, the inviting and memorable curved shape of the “magnolia” armchairs and sofas looks unusually soft and organic, and the cover sewing pattern is particularly intricate.

What the two seating designs have in common, however, is their outstanding comfort, the high craftsmanship that goes into their manufacture, their exceptional level of adaptability in terms of combination with other pieces of furniture as well as various styles of interior, and the removable covers, which not only ensure an excellent sustainability footprint but also make it possible to flexibly change their look. So if someone, for example, would like to have a white “magnolia” armchair despite the fact that they have small children, they can still choose this colour. In any case, many brühl covers can also be washed in the machine or dry-cleaned.
Kati Meyer-Brühl is brühl’s Creative Director and internationally renowned for her light-handed, versatile and varied designs, for which she has won more than 130 national and international prizes. She focuses on looking ahead, getting a feel for what’s coming and translating it into a respective design. Kati Meyer-Brühl’s furniture designs always meet the highest standards in terms of eco-friendliness, durability and sustainability. brühl – handmade in Germany since 1948. Ecological, sustainable, net-zero. Awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-label.

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