Helping to save the Blue Planet

With our particularly durable, sustainably manufactured furniture made from eco-friendly materials, we are making a contribution to the conservation of our planet’s finite resources. We intend to make furniture “lighter” in terms of our overall resource consumption and want to make sure that it “can be used for longer and in a better way” (Wuppertal Institute).
That is why all of our manufacturing steps throughout the entire product life-cycle take ecological, sustainability and health-related aspects into account. For example, our values lie far below the legally permitted employee exposure values for adhesives; in fact, they are almost below the detection threshold. All of the materials we use are also carefully examined with regard to their environmental compatibility and durability to ensure that our furniture has a particularly long life-span. Some of our designs are fully recyclable. We also recycle any leftover materials. We deliver our furniture with company-owned Euro VI standard vehicles and reduce unnecessary journeys down to a minimum. Due to the environmental compatibility of the individual components, the disposal of our furniture causes few environmental burdens.
brühl sources the renewable resource wood from certified sustainably managed forests (FSC), and wherever possible locally.

The skilled craftsmanship with which our exquisite saddler-grade leather covers are finished guarantees lasting value. Our leather suppliers use salt-free preservation techniques that save water. Our Oliva leather, for example, consists of hides that have been tanned with the aid of plant-based methods and therefore almost completely without the use of chemical substances. When it comes to the textiles we use, we are also always on the lookout for even more environmentally-friendly solutions in cooperation with our sustainability-focused suppliers. All of the fabrics we use comply with the Oeko-Tex® standard or bear the EU-Flower eco-certificate. Due to the high quality of the fabrics and the careful and precise finishing of our covers, our seating furniture is exceptionally durable and has a particularly long life-cycle. Much of the furniture also features removable covers, which essentially doubles its life-span.
In 2002, the company’s environmental commitment earned brühl the Bavarian Environment Medal for special contributions towards environmental protection and regional development. In 2009, brühl was the first furniture manufacturer in Germany to be awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-label for particular eco-friendliness. brühl has also been a certified carbon neutral manufacturer since 2017.

As proof of their particular eco-friendliness brühl was the first German seating furniture manufacturer to be entitled to use the ‘Blue Angel’ label in 2009.