exhibition stand brühl imm cologne 2016

The brühl exhibition stand at imm cologne 2016 was characterised by various shades of light wood, soft fabrics ranging from velvety velour to natural wool felt and
also by warm colours. All of these elements together created an open and lively atmosphere. The scenarios looked like rooms that were just waiting for occupants – which is also why many of the record number of visitors lingered there.

Designer Kati Meyer-Brühl, who devised the exhibition stand, had nonchalantly divided the themed sets by means of a square frame suspended above the exhibition space, wooden room dividers, colour fields and openly constructed exterior walls, which resulted in an airy and interesting overall look.

The innovations on show included her luxuriously soft and versatile sofa attitude as well as a new version of the graceful grace armchairs and two-seaters, which will also be offered with accentuating felled seams in future. These were joined by a new edition of the clear-cut, elegant seating furniture created by the Danish designer Erik Magnussen, and by various additions to Roland Meyer-Brühl‘s versatile amber range.

The interior concepts shown illustrated the useful versatility of the design, and the fact that it can easily be combined with other pieces. Individual arrangements featuring pieces from Kati Meyer-Brühl‘s natural + original – individuals range took turns with arrangements based on the les copains range of string furniture, for instance, or the upholstered belami benches and the architectural looking pieces from the easy pieces range. Every single piece is striking, whether displayed as an accent piece or as one element of a creatively combined suite. The constantly present, light and lively design language of the furniture makes it so versatile, and is also responsible for its international appeal.

The magnat sofas and armchairs were created by brühl twenty years ago in collaboration with the designer Erik Magnussen (1940-2014). brühl is producing magnat once again to mark this anniversary. magnat‘s appeal lies in the extreme simplicity and clarity of the design which, although sparse – not least also in spatial terms – not only looks graceful and lively but also offers plenty of freedom to move when sitting down.