News imm cologne 2016

During the imm cologne 2016, brühl presented their multi-faceted product range and a number of new creations plus a re-edition in particularly lively surroundings.
Designer Kati Meyer-Brühl, who devised the exhibition stand, had nonchalantly divided the themed sets by means of a square frame suspended above the exhibition space, wooden room dividers, colour fields and openly constructed exterior walls, which resulted in an airy and interesting overall look.

Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

Pleasantly soft seating comfort, swivel armrests that turn the seats into longchairs and hidden headrest mounts for attaching pads to make attitude luxuriously cosy.

Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

Graceful armchairs and two-seaters with either smooth covers or accentuating flat-fell seams. Frame finished in chrome, stainless steel or black.

Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

Armchairs and two-seaters with minimalistic form and strong aesthetic presence. Covers – monochrome or patterned – and frames to be individually matched in a range of creative colours.

Design Erik Magnussen

magnat was developed 20 years ago in collaboration with the Danish designer Erik Magnussen and is reintroduced to mark this anniversary. magnat’s appeal lies in the extreme simplicity, clarity and elegance of the design.

les copains
Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

Airy companions – in a minimalistic yet elegant format. Filigree but durable and with decorative handmade wickerwork. Individually composed using a vast range of materials, details and types.