brühl is now a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer

Since April 2017, brühl have been a member of the DGM’s (German Quality Assurance Association) climate pact. The company have calculated their CO2 footprint for the financial year 2016 and fully compensated 1,283 tons of CO2 in line with the Gold Standard.

The company shares the UN’s – and the DGM’s – aim to strive for the global temperature rise not to exceed a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius. The company’s CO2 footprint is being calculated in three areas (scopes), that comprise the direct and indirect emissions and, at the highest level, all indirect emissions resulting from the daily operations and the product life cycle. brühl have calculated their CO2 emissions in all three areas and have compensated them fully. Furthermore, brühl have arranged for 1,300 trees to be plated in the context of the Plant-For-The-Planet initiative. Considering the long-term CO2 absorption thus achieved, brühl generates an overall climate-positive result.

[brühl, established in 1948, is a family-owned, medium sized company located in the town of bad Steben in Upper Franciona. Over 20 years ago, the company have decided to shape their products and production processes completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. To the present, this objective is constantly being further improved and is firmly grounded in our shared corporate values. In 2002, brühl earned the Bavarian Environmental Medal for their special contributions towards environmental protection and regional development, subsequently to be followed by the protected ‘Blue Angel” eco-label in 2009.]