German Design Award 2021

Two brühl designs win in the “Special Mention” category

The multifaceted armchair amandine, designed by Kati Meyer-Brühl, and the smart convertible sofa fold out, designed by Roland Meyer-Brühl, impressed the German Design Council. The designs were honoured with a “Special Mention”.
The charming armchair amandine invites you to linger – and thanks to its high back, curved armrests and high-quality upholstery, you can do so exceedingly comfortably. With its empire and art nouveau style touches, decorative seams and geometrically shaped elements, amandine is a multilayered design with an overall very well-balanced look. A matching stool as well as round loose cushions perfect the armchair.

The sofa fold out impresses with its outstanding versatility – yet also looks slim, elegant and clear-cut. It goes with any interior and home style. Fully lowerable and pivotable armrests as well as adjustable backrests offer multifunctional comfort: Sit, relax, lie down – anything goes. It also comes with either soft or firmer upholstery. An all-round closed, fabric-covered plinth version is also on offer as an alternative to the graceful metal base frame. Moving the armrests forward reveals practical wooden inserts at the sides that function as useful trays. It converts into a 145cm x 200cm bed.

Kati Meyer-Brühl is brühl’s Creative Director and internationally renowned for her light-handed, versatile and varied designs, for which she has won more than 100 national and international design awards.

Designer Roland Meyer-Brühl is brühl’s CEO. He is the designer of classic brühl pieces such as roro or visavis.

The brühl company always expects all of its furniture designs to meet the key requirements of environmental compatibility, durability and sustainability. For example, all brühl furniture is characterised by a durable core made of eco-friendly materials as well as removable covers.