German Innovation Award 2020

Kati Meyer-Brühl has been honoured with no less than four German Innovation Awards 2020: the designs belami high and floret received the award in the “Winner” category, and bongo bay and amandine in the “Special Mention” category.

Innovation is one of Kati Meyer-Brühl’s main concerns. She thinks ahead, senses what is coming – and gives it an independent form. In doing so, she combines her creative aspirations with her ethical goals – which include ecology, sustainability, and a particular openness to a design’s different ways of use.

belami high stands for clear and elegant architectural design and versatile usability. The high backrest elements create retreats or meeting islands, depending on your needs. belami high can be set up almost anywhere: at the private dining table as well as in a hotel room or conference zone.

floret sets decorative accents with its graceful, elegant design while at the same time the chair’s adaptability allows it to be effortlessly combined with the most diverse interior styles. The graceful armchair can thus be integrated into practically any interior.

bongo bay is like a soft seating sculpture. The organic design language of the armchairs and sofas appears artistic and elementary in its plasticity. At the same time, the special design facilitates dynamic sitting and the possibility of taking up a wide range of seating and reclining positions.

amandine playfully combines elements of Empire style and Art Nouveau and places them in a new, innovative context. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this inviting, multifaceted armchair can be placed practically anywhere.