Good Design Award 2016 – Kati Meyer-Brühl wins awards for three designs

The extremely different award-winning designs, dainty armchair les copains harp, innovative sofa attitude and quirky shelf rapunzel, demonstrate the wide spectrum of designer Kati Meyer-Brühl’s design language. All three of these pieces of furniture have now won a Good Design Award 2016. This prize is awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and is considered one of the world’s most prestigious design awards.

The string armchair les copains harp combines an exquisite metal frame with densely woven, fine stainless steel wire. Together, they create an airy armchair with a strikingly transparent structure, a streamlined, somewhat intangible overall look and subtly shiny, lustrous surfaces.

The casual, super comfortable lounge sofa attitude, on the other hand, features intentionally inviting, voluminous, luxuriously soft cushions and rounded contours. The armrests can be lowered sideways and swivelled towards the front by 90 degrees, which turns them into relaxing long chairs with integrated small shelves at the sides. In addition, the side pads can be attached to hidden mounts to serve as headrests. Cross stitch or tacked button details add interesting accents to the back of the sofa.

Shelf rapunzel is an individual accent piece that turns out to be extremely versatile despite its extravagant, humorous shape. It is as perfect for kitchen utensils as it is for books or collectibles. Rapunzel looks good in any room and goes well with other pieces. The individual shelf boards are kept firmly in place by “teeth”; however, these “teeth” also still allow the boards to be moved to different heights. The top and the bottom board are the only boards that are fixed.

Kati Meyer-Brühl is brühl’s Creative Director, and has won numerous national and international awards for her furniture designs. In her work, she combines a light handed, distinctive design language that resonates internationally with maximum quality, sustainability and environmental compatibility.