Iconic Award 2017

90th design award for Kati Meyer-Brühl

The les copains rubber chair and the embrace sofa have both received an “Iconic Award 2017” for their innovative design. embrace won an award in the “Winner” category, les copains rubber in the “Selection” category. The award is presented by the German Design Council.

embrace is versatile, extremely comfortable and, in the asymmetrical version, combines a smooth with a slightly curved backrest. The height of the curved backrest can be adjusted by 20 centimetres with the aid of a gas spring mechanism. An additional cushion can also be mounted on top of the backrest. The smooth backrest can be raised and lowered. embrace adapts to any style of interior and is available in a soft or a slightly firmer seating comfort version and also comes with removable covers.

The seats and backrests of the les copains rubber woven chairs are made from 3 or 7 mm strong rubber cord. The woven elements are either quite dense or have bigger gaps, which, where the former is concerned, either draws the eye to the taut and dense weaving or, in the latter case, to the gaps and the graphic pattern created with the cord. The frame has a stainless steel finish or is powder-coated in either black or white. The elastic cord is extremely comfortable to sit on; the comfort level can also be increased with pads and cushions.

The “Iconic Award” focuses on closer links between architecture and interior design. An international compendium of innovative solutions aimed at architects, designers, property developers and businesses is therefore also published to accompany the awards.

Kati Meyer-Brühl is a graduate of the Central Saint Martins University of Arts in London and the Parsons School of Design in New York. She is brühl’s Creative Director and has won numerous awards for her creations. The two recent Iconic Awards rise the total number of her design recognitions to 90. In her work, she combines a light handed, yet distinctive and easy to understand design language with maximum quality, sustainability and environmental compatibility.