Kati Meyer-Brühl wins 2 Iconic Awards

Kati Meyer-Brühl wins two of these prestigious awards

The designer, who is also brühl’s creative director, has already won more than a hundred national and international design awards for her work. She has now won prizes for her most recent designs libellule princess and belami high.

With its lively, organic design language and the decorative seam details, the high back chair libellule princess – which won a prize in the “Selection” category – looks refreshing and innovative. Its transparent, additive design consists of a cylindrical seat base, a low backrest that curves around the base in an Empire-style way and a second, wing-like backrest that appears to emerge from the first. The armchair is completed by a back cushion and a cushioned headrest. The multifaceted shape allows a wide range of personalisation options by combining different colours and patterns with each other. The armchair is also extremely comfortable to sit on and is equipped with castors, both yet more impressive features.

With belami high – which has won an award in the “Winner” category – Kati Meyer-Brühl has designed a collection that consists of various benches and an armchair. Thanks to the unusually high backrest and the clear-cut shape, belami high is an extremely versatile design that is easy to combine with other pieces and is as suitable for dividing spaces in an architectural way in homes as it is for public interiors. Velour covers make belami high a protective refuge for a confidential conversation or some time out; tight, firm covers made from high-tech fibres, for example, make the pieces look more streamlined and cooler but also elegant. Additional cushions create even more comfort and set design accents.

Both designs impress with carefully crafted details such as the seams on libellule princess or belami high’s precise base frame supports and flush fitting carcass joints. Like all brühl designs, they were also manufactured in accordance with stringent ecological and sustainability standards and are particularly durable. Kati Meyer-Brühl is internationally renowned for her light-handed, versatile, multifaceted and timeless design language.