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Iconic Awards 2023

ICONIC AWARD 2023: Innovative Interior “Winner” for all together by Kati Meyer-Brühl
Celebrate community: With the versatile all together, it’s easy to create interior solutions from compact to generously-sized. Modular, variable, and easy to change. Uncomplicated and flexible, the design facilitates the creation of variable meeting zones that can be rearranged any time and very easily.
Contemporary design: The design language of all together is architectural as well as organic. Exquisitely designed and finished seams provide additional design accents.
Comfortable and sustainable: Highest-quality upholstery materials and a pocket spring core ensure elastic seating comfort and longevity. Removable straight or curved rest elements are practical, e. g. during relocation. For a second furniture life, all together is fitted with removable and renewable covers.

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