We see it as our mission to provide a wide range of creative and contemporary interior concepts to our discerning and highly individual customers. brühl seating solutions have been shaped to become long-lived and versatile companions. To this end, most of our products are fitted with removable covers. With their innovative design, precise craftsmanship and luxurious comfort level, they create a sense of wellbeing every single day. The works of brühl stand for highest standards of design and quality as well as exemplary eco-friendliness and sustainability. Made in Germany.


Vibrant diversity

Imaginative, individual, ecological, adaptable – brühl’s designs are as multifaceted as life itself. With creative director Kati Meyer-Brühl at the helm, brühl develops furniture that speaks a universally understood design language. The spectrum ranges from poetic exuberance and elegant or decorative creations to pieces with geometrical clarity and transparency. Whether used as striking single accent pieces or displayed in the form of artfully arranged ensembles – furniture by brühl is adaptable and flexible, and takes the needs of the people who use it as well as environmental concerns into account. The timeless aesthetics and durability of the furniture ensure that each piece is a decorative long-term investment that is suitable for home as well as public interiors.

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Eco-friendliness and sustainability

Helping to save the Blue Planet

With our particularly durable, sustainably manufactured furniture made from eco-friendly materials, we are making a contribution to the conservation of our planet’s finite resources. We intend to make furniture “lighter” in terms of our overall resource consumption and want to make sure that it “can be used for longer and in a better way” (Wuppertal Institute).

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Carefully crafted, durable comfort

brühl provides contemporary, creative living solutions for discerning customers. A piece of furniture made by brühl is a particularly durable and versatile companion whose innovative design, precisely crafted finishes and luxurious comfort will never fail to please. Many customers therefore decide to buy a brühl product again when they are considering their next purchase, because brühl stands for outstanding design and quality.

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Furniture makers since 1948

Originally founded as a mattress and upholstered furniture manufacturing business, the family-owned company brühl has focused on the production of high-quality, durable and particularly ecological and sustainable designer furniture for the past 30 years. The company began to build a new factory at its headquarters in Bad Steben/Carlsgrün, Germany, in 1971 which it then extended in several construction stages until 1996. All of the buildings are designed with the aspect of ecological and environmental compatibility in mind and blend in well with the surrounding landscape. Over the years, the company has taken further measures to make its headquarters even more environmentally-friendly.

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