We see it as our mission to provide a wide range of creative and contemporary interior concepts to our discerning and highly individual customers. brühl seating solutions have been shaped to become long-lived and versatile companions. To this end, most of our products are fitted with removable covers. With their innovative design, precise craftsmanship and luxurious comfort level, they create a sense of wellbeing every single day. The works of brühl stand for highest standards of design and quality as well as exemplary eco-friendliness and sustainability. Made in Germany.


Outstanding design, quality, sustainability and longevity are fundamental to each of our projects. Excellent craftsmanship and the adoption of high-tech solutions secure long-term value maintenance and guarantee the furniture’s almost unlimited life-span.
In order to allow for making individual modifications and further increase the lifespan, most designs are fitted with removable covers. In addition, the furniture may be customised e. g. in view of types of wood, surfaces finishes or other details from a specific range of options for each model.

Eco-friendliness and sustainability

brühl considers eco-friendliness, sustainability and health consciousness aspects during all of the manufacturing stages throughout the entire life-cycle. Manufacturing control parameters, for adhesives, for example, are almost below the detection threshold and significantly below the legal requirements. All materials used are also carefully assessed in terms of their environmental compatibility. Much of our furniture can be fully separated. Leftover materials are recycled.


brühl seating concepts provide contemporary solutions for the requirements of ever changing lifestyles. They are characterised by their lively, versatile design language and an exemplary sustainability and eco-friendliness that has resulted in brühl becoming the first German seating furniture manufacturer to be entitled to use the ‘Blue Angel’ label as proof of particular eco-friendliness in 2009. Headed by Creative Director Kati Meyer-Brühl, the company designs and manufactures highly diverse and innovative seating concepts that focus on people and the environment.


As a manufacturer of premium goods, we combine design appreciation and enthusiasm with socially and ecologically sustainable action. We believe we are tasked with precisely observing people’s lifestyles. The broad diversity spurs us on to create new designs –
in unusual shapes that will stand the test of time. This consistent focus on people and the environment results in a culture of diversity and responsibility that makes brühl stand out from other successful international high-end brands. On the basis of unambiguous concepts and clear-cut lines, we produce modern, surprising creations that have their own personal, appealing characters.