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lofoten pure

Design Roland Meyer-Brühl

Corner Sofas

Everlasting: lofoten pure is living in harmony with nature. An exceptionally sustainable, timeless design made from premium-quality raw materials. Constructed in a transparent way, from constituents that are easy to separate. An outstandingly handcrafted, high-quality piece of furniture. A wooden bridge-like front rail as well as rung-like arm- and backrests made from solid oak, light or dark oiled, stained black or in solid walnut form the indestructible frame. The rests can be lowered a little to relax. The upholstery is supported by sprung wooden slats. The seat base as such – fashioned from premium-quality upholstery materials with an additional sprung core for optimum comfort – consists of loose cushions. Each of them can be changed separately, and has a removable and replaceable cover.
The lofoten pure corner solution is created by two open-ends positioned at a right angle to each other. The armrests on each of the open-ends are interchangeable, an open-end that is open on the right can therefore become an open-end that is open on the left, and vice versa. Equally, the entire corner solution can also be arranged inverted, for example after a house move.