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moule small

Design Roland Meyer-Brühl

Corner Sofas

moule small offers exceptionally smooth-running conversion mechanisms and utmost comfort with compact dimensions. This corner suite, created with a long chair placed either on the left or on the right of an annexe sofa, is incredibly versatile. It consists of an extra-wide or a standard width long chair and a moule small annexe sofa. All backrests can be adjusted separately for relaxation. The side rest element of the long chair can be pulled forward to become an additional backrest. The outer seat of the annexe sofa can be turned by 90 degrees to turn it into a lounger. Placing a matching stool in front of the middle seat makes it possible for three people to relax in the lounger position. Lowering all rest elements turns the corner sofa into a comfortable bed or daybed. Many of the design features are individually customisable; the covers are removable.