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roro 98 – an icon brought back

Design Roland Meyer-Brühl

Chaise Longues

The beginnings of a milestone: design critic Rudolf Schönwandt wrote “Sitting is changing” about roro after its launch in 1998 – thereby describing an innovative, dynamic way of sitting that meets the needs of the human body much better than sitting rigidly on immovable furniture. brühl’s roro 98 re-edition is a rediscovery of this first, groundbreaking, multifunctional seating range.
Like the entire roro family, roro 98 offers a wide range of options for sitting, relaxing and even lying down. The design’s freshness, dynamism, modernity and airy, minimalist clarity have lost none of their contemporariness. The range consists of a two-seater with two swivel backrests, a chaise longue with one swivel backrest on the right or on the left, as well as a lounger. All of them can be used on their own or in combination with each other.
In the basic position, the chaise longue is a two-seater with a backrest on the right or the left. This backrest can be swivelled around by 90 degrees and lowered to effortlessly convert it from a sofa into a recliner. When it is fully lowered, the chaise lounge becomes a daybed. Removable and replaceable covers make roro 98 durable and sustainable. Optional headrests can be attached to all backrests; they can also be retrofitted. The graceful base frame is available in a chrome or a black powder-coated metal version. roro 98’s height can be adjusted by two centimetres.