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Design Kati Meyer-Brühl & Roland Meyer-Brühl

Corner Sofas

Experiencing joie de vivre: the seating range aoyama – named after Tokyo’s most elegant district – creates a wonderfully calm and luxurious, comfortable refuge, characterised by the meticulousness and precision, the attention to brief, special moments in everyday life that mark Japanese aesthetics.
The combination of a cuboid external shape with soft, gathered upholstery surfaces exudes understated elegance. Generous arrangements formed by an annexe sofa and a long chair, or a corner add-on sofa and an annexe sofa invite you to feel secure, and to savour the present moment – whether solitary or companionable – to be aware of its preciousness, to lean back into the generously-sized, sculptured, sensually soft upholstery.
Exquisite stitching and dividing seams, set back armrests, as well as rounded edges add subtle accents. An integrated pocket sprung core ensures comfortable springiness. Soft, loose cushions and bolsters, optionally in creatively combined colours, create a relaxed look and provide additional comfort. Headrests can be inserted anywhere in an almost fully concealed groove that runs along the backrest.
Besides these corner arrangements, the aoyama range also includes armchairs, sofas and an oval stool. The add-on sofas and long chairs are available in two sizes, as well as in the versions long chair on the right, or on the left. Meticulous craftsmanship, selected durable materials, as well as removable and renewable covers make the design a timeless investment that will retain its value.